Faculty & Staff

Tanika Devenish
General English, Conversation Practice

Teaching English as a Second Language Certification TEFL (120 hr) UK 2018.
Tanika has been teaching English to all levels for more than 2 years.
For conversation practice, Tanika looks at topics her students enjoy and of course topics that can be useful to have debates and make creative answers on the spot. Movie clips, audios and podcasts are all used to make her students speak and  learn about subtle interruptions when having an arguing comment to say. For general English Tanika offers a range of reading, listening and grammar practice activities to take your knowledge to the next level.
She makes her classes fun and after each session students gain new skills and knowledge. 
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Margaret Dowley
General English, Conversation Practice

University of California Berkeley BA Conservation and Resource Studies (2015).
Margaret lleva 3 años enseñando inglés. Entiende los desafíos de aprender un idioma y trae esta pasión a sus clases. Mejora la fluidez, aprende la diferencia entre idioma formal y informal y habla inglés con seguridad y confianza.  
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Sean Groombridge
General English, Business English, Conversation Practice
University of Sheffield BA History (1997)
Sean is an experienced, engaging and dynamic English teacher offering interesting and worthwhile lessons, for all levels and ages, adapted to the student's needs. Improve in all facets of English in a stimulating way. With the focus of the lessons at your request.
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Derek Carne
General English, Conversation Practice, IELTS General and Academic, TOEFL
BA Anthropology & Spanish Deakin Uni, BA Hons Development Studies and Graduate Diploma in Adult Education Murdoch University, Australia.

Derek is a retired university tutor with several previous careers, and is currently producing a website/textbook for Spanish speakers entitled “Polish Up your English”.  Derek has been teaching English privately or to small groups in Santiago for 7 years.  He also teaches academic and scientific English for university entrants or students.  With a wide range of interests and experience Derek is able to converse on almost any topic, and he is keen to help you master spoken English, grammar, pronunciation, spelling and writing.  
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Amanda Weyers
General English, IELTS test, Conversation Practice

University of Pretoria: B. Communication Pathology (Speech- and Language Therapy)
TEFL Level 5 168 hour certificate
TEFL One-on-One certificate
IELTS (Academic) Preparation Course, University of Queensland

Amanda has been teaching for many years in private school, as well as online.The needs of her students are important to her and she personalizes lessons for every student to meet their requirements. Amanda teaches all aspects of IELTS preparation, including specific language skills like vocabulary, grammar, idioms, phrasal verbs, speaking, listening, pronunciation, reading, and writing. Students find Amanda kind and patient and she enjoys her students!
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Amila James
TOEFL, IELTS, General English, Conversation Practice, TOEFL
BA in Sociology and international TEFL certification.
Amila has over 4 years online experience teaching IELTS, Business English and other various genres. Amila not only loves teaching but also coming across different personas. She is a very passionate and dedicated teacher who is willing to walk you through your journey in reaching your professional and personal goals.
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Simone Heymans
General English, Conversation practice, TOEFL

Simone lives in Wilderness, South Africa and has a Masters in Fine Art degree and a TEFL certification.
She can help her students achieve their academic goals by assisting with general conversational English in a patient and positive manner. The method of question and exchange of opinion will allow to establish a friendly relationship and relaxed teaching environment for your specific needs in the English language and conversation practice. Conversation classes are tailored towards personal goals, interests and preferences. 
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Natalie Fairbanks
General English, Conversation Practice
Natalie has around three and half years of teaching English in Language Schools, Business Companies, Primary Schools. She is a qualified ESL teacher from Britain with a TEFl certificate and a Diploma in Travel and Tourism.
Natalie focuses on the language, through speaking, increasing vocabulary by word combinations, phrasal verbs also  grammar and listening, through real language and academic listening as well as providing plenty of reading general language  and academic reading articles. By doing this it will help the students to build their confidence in the language and increase their language skills.  In addition to this, Natalie will be setting goals and actions each time you are in the lesson so you can come out achieving your goals. 
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Pearl Abraham
English Teacher, General English, Conversation Practice
Pearl is passionate to teach English and to be a positive influence.
She is patient, tolerant and committed to teaching those who are needing to learn. Pearl has a sense of compassion towards people who have a need for learning and would like to play a part of their successful communication. She loves animals, especially, dogs. She has a creative mind and I use them in my love for arts and crafts. In her free time she loves cooking and baking and spending time at the beach with her family.