Booking tips

Crossroads English ensures classes with expert professors and creates a highly effective learning environment!

How does it work?

Crossroads English has been offering highly effective English courses for more than 9 years. Our success is communication oriented methodology.

In order to coordinate the beginning of your personalized course, please submit your form in Contact page and we will get back to you shortly and set an orientation appointment
or a call.
This is to ensure that you are taking the right course for you, to evaluate your spoken English and to coordinate your personalized schedule of the classes.

You can get to know our professors better here, or go directly to schedule your classes with professional tutors.

What classes should I take?

It depends on your objective.
If you would like to practice speaking and gain more confidence – we suggest “Conversation Practice”.

If you are a beginner or intermediate level and would like to focus on grammar practice, expand your vocabulary and have a strategic lesson plan to progress to a higher level of English – prefer “General English”.

Students who a looking for TOEFL, SAT, FCE and IELTS exam preparation need to select corresponding option in the list of services. It is recommended, however, to have a level B-1, B-2 or C-1 to prepare for any international English tests.

Please note that we provide classes for students over 18 years old.