Policies for professors

Reporting issues.

The issues can be associated with a technical problem, incomplete lesson, or student absence. Reporting an issue about the lesson helps us analyze the case and provide possible solutions. Please send an email to report an issue (assistant@crossroads2011.cl). Mention the date and time of the appointment and your student’s name and explain the situation.

My student is absent.

Occasionally due to unforeseen circumstances students might be late or unable to attend the class without prior notice. If the student hasn’t joined the lesson within 15-20 minutes, get in touch with the student in order to clarify the problem and whether they can join the class. In case of a no-show for longer than half a class, 30% of the rate is compensated to the professor. In order to receive a student no-show compensation it is necessary to immediately report the issue and provide all the information related to the case.

Class booking

With instant booking system students schedule classes based on your availability. At first, the appointment has a “Pending” status in order to confirm the payment, once the status is “Approved” the class is scheduled and our system generates Zoom link meeting for the class which is sent to you and your student by e-mail.
When your class is for a group, it is important that you manually send Google Hangouts meeting link to your students, unless your Zoom plan allows you to conduct online meetings longer than 45 minutes.

Make sure to check your email for new class bookings. Crossroads English assistant might send you confirmation and booking reminders for your first booked classes and students. Please make sure to keep in touch and confirm to the assistant your first booked classes in a timely manner.


If for some reason you are unable to attend your class, please notify your student and reschedule the class from your Teacher Panel. Please notify your cancellations at least 1 day before the class.

Please be noted that a high number of cancellations, or cancellations without a prior notice can affect your work relationship. Crossroads English believes that lessons should take place as scheduled. If for some reason you are unable to attend the class, we recommend rescheduling the class well in advance.

From the Teacher Panel you will be able to schedule your working hours (availability to teach), holidays and special days. Make sure to keep your availability updated at all times.

We care for our professors just as much as for our students and we hope that you will have a pleasant experience teaching with Crossroads English.